About RAWI

Russian Association of Wind Power Industry – independent non-profit organization, to develop the market in the interests of the state, RAWI members and partners. It is registered for the first time in 2004 year.
The aim of the Association is to provide real practical help and support to market participants on their entry into the market, the development of production, development of wind farms and orders of the production of components for wind turbines, and construction of wind parks.
The highest executive body is the General Meeting of the members of RAWI, a permanent collegial executive body – the Board of the Association, the sole executive body – Chairman.
As an industry expert body, the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry in the work relies on the expertise of leading scientists in the field of energy renewable sources, members of the Scientific – Technical Council.
RAWI members today are leading global manufacturers of wind turbines, the largest Russian industrial enterprises and power engineering, design companies, construction companies, research institutes and diplomatic organizations. These companies controls Russian wind power market today.
RAWI has a high degree of competence in the wind energy market, is lobbying the interests of its members and through a wide range of cooperation contributes to the development of the wind energy business. Internal communication and collaboration in an association and exchange of competences also contribute to the development of this business in new members RAWI, and also increases the likelihood of getting their contracts for work and orders for manufacturing components.