RAWI members are the market leaders, directly influencing its development. Members are global manufacturers of wind turbines, the leading Russian power engineering companies, international and domestic construction, consulting and development companies, diplomatic organisations and scientific – research institutions.

The Association has the most actual information about events on the market. Members of RAWI have support in establishing contacts with all market participants, up-to-date information on wind park projects (the register of wind parks in Russia) and the manufacturing of wind generators in Russia (the register of local content manufacturers). The Association helps to find partners and choose the right direction in the new market for companies that are starting to work on the wind energy market in Russia, to find Russian-speaking staff with experience, to choose the right partner in the market.

Any entity can join RAWI. It should accepts the Charter of the Association , Membership Regulation and to timely pay membership fees and their activities can contribute to the development of wind energy market in Russia.  Members of the Association divided into categories, depending on the degree of their participation in the wind energy market:

Academic members of the Association are legal entities that do not have the goal of profit making, leading educational or research activities in the field of energy, ecology, applied sciences, public organisations whose activities are not aimed at achieving political goals.
Academic members use the information opportunities of the association and participate in the educational programs of the Association, provide support to the members of the Association in carrying out the activities.

Associate members are legal entities with the purpose of making profits and carrying out their economic activities in various spheres of industry, transport and energy, instrument making, interested in obtaining opportunities to expand their business with the help of the Association, whose activities in the Russian wind energy market are not main at the moment of joining the Association.
Associate members have full information on the work of market participants, known by Association, use its support in establishing contacts, in the preparation of projects for the construction of wind farms and the production of components for wind generators and wind turbines themselves, and in supporting investments in their projects.

Full members are legal entities with the goal of making profits and carrying out their economic activities in various spheres of industry, transport and energy, interested in gaining opportunities to expand their business with the help of the Association, whose activities on the Russian wind power market are their main focus at the time of joining Association. Full members of the Association have an active position in the market and influence the formation of the position of the Association in relation to the Russian wind energy market by their activities.
Full members of the Association participate in the Board of the Association, in the preparation of legislative initiatives, industry norms and standards, in the training and retraining of personnel for members of the Association and market participants, in all activities of the association.

A candidate for membership of the Association chooses independently the category and degree of his participation in the wind energy market, or such category can be recommended to him by the Association’s Board during a vote on his request for membership.

  Academic Associate Full members
 free membership annual membership fee*

1 548 EURO

annual membership fee*

4 041 EURO

1 RAWI members list + + +
2 Participation in Russian RAWI events without payment of the organisational fee + + +
3 Participation in the Russian outreach activities on special terms   + +
4 Representation of interests in state bodies, GR – functions in the interests of the RAWI member   + +
5 Assistance in establishing business contacts, recommendations to current members of RVCA, active market participants, investors   + +
6 Assistance in finding a technology partner, a partner in a wind farm project   + +
7 Assistance in finding an investment partner   + +
8 Representation of interests abroad in organizations regulating the wind energy market   + +
9 Insertion wind generator components register holding by RAWI   + +
10 Insertion of wind parks projects register holding by RAWI   + +
11 Preparation and promotion of legislative acts and standards for the production of components, design and construction of wind farms, adjustment of System Grid Operator requirements for equipment on the instructions of a member of RAWI     +
12 Preparation and promotion of legislative acts, changes and amendments to legislative acts and submission to the Government and ministries     +
13 Preparation and retraining of specialists for the production of components, design, construction and operation of wind parks under agreed programs and on special terms.     +
14 Definition of the Association’s strategy – the presence of a representative on the Board of the Association if invited if invited +

* – no entrance fee, the membership fee is valid for 365 days from the date of joining the association

Candidates to the Association are invited to choose their own type of membership, fill in the application for membership in the Association. If case of necessity to sign the application by the Head of the company, download the Application in Word format of the candidate and in addition to filling out the on-line form send us scan of signed application. Please, take into account on-line form is necessary !
The Association’s Board will review the application and decide on the candidacy of the new member and its classification. If a positive decision is taken, the candidate becomes a member of the association from the moment of making such decision and the Association starts support it on the development of its wind energy business. With the new member of the Association the membership contract is signed, they pays the membership fee and start to be supported by the Association.

In case of necessity of a report for CEO or shareholders about the RAWI and the market dowload the presentation