For banks and investors

When considering a wind farm project by a bank for the purpose of granting a loan or guarantee, or when acquiring a share of a wind farm project, it is necessary to verify the reliability of the data provided by the client (developer). For these purposes, RAWI, as an independent auditor, provides financial and technical audit of the wind farm project.

During the audit, the following works are carried out (full package or in parts):

  • Technical audit and economic audit of a wind measuring company with the calculation of performance indicators.
  • Analysis of the formed structure of investment project management
  • Evaluation of key participants in the implementation of the investment project, incl. analysis of the choice of wind turbines for the project.
  • RAWI has close contact with all OEMs available at the market and all they are RAWI members so RAWI provodes and an analysis of possible delivery dates for turbines.
  • Analysis of the risks of project participation in the tender of investment projects for RES.
  • Analysis of title documents and administrative documentation, current restrictions / encumbrances.
  • Confirmation of rights to use and develop land
  • Analysis of the initial-permissive documentation (and its compliance with the current normative and legislative acts)
  • Expertise of design estimates and engineering survey results
  • Analysis of the building permit / commissioning of the facility
  • Analysis of the budget of the investment project and the financing schedule
  • Analysis of the schedule for the implementation of the investment project
  • Analysis of contractual documentation, documents on payment, documents on acceptance of work performed
  • Risk Analysis
  • Periodic survey of the construction site (investor supervision)

Based on the results of the analysis of the investment project, a report is prepared

Qualified experts have experience working on projects with a total capacity of more than 3 GW in Russia and the near abroad, the qualification is confirmed by experience in operating wind farms. The experts of the RAWI carried out a technical audit of 8 operating projects of the wind farm with the preparation of financial and technical reports for the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).