The new development company joined the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry. Smart Systems LLC.

The company “Smart Systems” LLC joined the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, RAWI. The company has a wide range of activities, including it has been preparing the construction of a wind power station (WES) in the Stavropol Territory for more than six years. For the wind farms, 2 sites have been selected, which are now at an advanced stage. The company intends to participate seriously in the tender of selection RES projects and construction of its wind farms. We hope that the project of the company will provoke interest among the members of the Association and market participants and the membership of the company in RAWI will help it gain experience and establish contacts for the construction of its wind farms.

RAWI members are the market leaders, directly influencing its development. Members are global manufacturers of wind turbines, the leading Russian power engineering companies, international and domestic construction, consulting and development companies, diplomatic organisations and scientific – research institutions.

The Association has the most actual information about events on the market. Members of RAWI have support in establishing contacts with all market participants, up-to-date information on wind park projects (the register of wind parks in Russia) and the manufacturing of wind generators in Russia (the register of local content manufacturers). The Association helps to find partners and choose the right direction in the new market for companies that are starting to work on the wind energy market in Russia, to find Russian-speaking staff with experience, to choose the right partner in the market.

Any entity can join RAWI. It should accepts the Charter of the Association , Membership Regulation and to timely pay membership fees and their activities can contribute to the development of wind energy market in Russia.  


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